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Momento Estates LLC

Category:  Real Estate & Real Estate Services


San Diego 92107

Telephone: 619-837-3133

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Born out of a heart for seniors, a love of all things vintage, and a dream to reduce waste while giving back to the community. . .

Owner and founder, Lane Coursen, spent several years working for various estate sale companies in central and southern California. While she found that she loved the work and the clients she was helping, she was often disappointed in the amount of waste that came along with a rushed move or a hurried estate sale. She saw an opportunity for a more conscious and considered approach to senior move management and estate clearing and in 2022 launched Momento with a dream of filling that need.

If you or a loved one is considering a move, our Senior Move Management team has extensive experience in senior care and is passionate about reducing the stress and anxiety associated with downsizing and transitioning, as well as enhancing the quality of life for older adults. 

If you need to liquidate items, Momento consists of experts in the fields of jewelry, art, collectibles, coins, furniture, and clothing. We understand current market trends, merchandising, advertising, social media presence, and local collectors. All of these connections come together to result in the highest profit for your possessions and expert attention to those items that require a special eye. We will conduct an in-home estate sale, online auction, or full estate buy-out based on your personal needs. And because our fee is taken out of the sale of your items, there are often no out-of-pocket expenses for you for our services!

While other companies will likely pull up to your home with a large dumpster and a roll of industrial trash bags, Momento prides itself on being as low waste as possible. We take extra time to ensure all unsold items are funneled back into the community instead of to a landfill. For example, older bedding is donated to local animal shelters, cleaning supplies to female owned cleaning companies, food to the local food pantry, toiletries to domestic violence shelters, etc.

In short, our mission is three-fold. We strive to : 

  1. Provide gentle and patient care to seniors going through a transition into their next stage of life
  2. Create as much of a profit as possible for our clients from the sale of their items
  3. Reduce the incredible waste often produced during a move while also giving back to our community.
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