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TEA The Eternal Art

Category:  Eats & Drinks


4966 Santa Monica Ave
Ste. C
San Diego, CA 92107

Telephone: 971-998-7832

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A humble abode of tea drinking & syntropic connection for over 20 years. The small teahouse sits within an old artisan gallery by the lively shore of legendary Ocean Beach. Cinthia & James, the current keepers of this historic & sacred space, continue to serve the local community & passing travelers, teaching intentional ways of connecting with plants & practicing the art of being in the present moment. The shop offers a unique artisanal collection of whole-leaf teas, botanical herbs, handmade teaware & handcrafted flutes.


Tea & Ware

Whole leaf teas from China, Taiwan, & Japan

White, Green, Black, Oolong, Pu'er & Hei Cha

Handmade Teapots, Gaiwans, & Cups

Monthly Tea
Become a TEA Club member
Acquire new teas to add to your collection
Every month brings unique tea varieties

Private Session
Journey through the art & alchemy of tea ritual
Come alone or bring up to 3 friends with you
Experience a variety of teas from a rare collection

Drop in the teahouse for a pot of tea
Enjoy meeting other tea enthusiasts 
Discover the complexities of the tea plant

Monthly Events
Gain fresh inspiration at a workshop
Meet our collaborative guest artists
Connect with new friends at a gathering

Herbal Consultation
Get personal herbal blends for specific needs
Flower Essences, Tinctures, Tisanes & more
Homemade herbal allies for thriving & healing

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